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Red Lights - 2/??

Title: Red Lights
Chapter: two
Author: haru
Betas: KatrinaEagle
Genre: HSAU, drama, romance... of sorts. Eh.
Rating: M. But this chapter, not really. XD
Pairings: Riku/Roxas, yo. But it'll probably look like Zexion/Roxas at some point. Just saying.
Warnings: none. Unless slow pace counts?
Summary: When their relationship hits a rocky road, they find themselves drifting apart and seeking something more. Roxas tries to patch up loose threads before Riku is gone for good.
Comments: This started to get really long... and since I'm not used to writing more than 2500~3000 words for a chapter, I figured cutting it off was a good idea. Haha XD
Disclaimer: Plot? Yeah. Characters and places? Mm, no. Lyric translation? Yeah, but I don't make money off that either

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