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rikuroku's Journal

Riku x Roxas
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Welcome to RikuRoku, a community dedicated to the pairing of Riku and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II. Here you’ll find fanart and fanfiction for this pair, as well as be able to post it yourself in a receptive environment.

The style of the community has just been updated, so please enjoy the new look ♥
» 1. Show others respect and courtesy. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and be constructive. If a problem does arise, please contact a mod.

» 2. All fanfiction and fanart should be RikuRoku. The purpose of the community is to have a place for this pairing so please keep that in mind. If the overriding pairings are AkuRoku or RikuSora, this isn’t the place for it.

» 3. If you’ve got a large ad or image, please put it behind an LJ cut to spare those on dial-up and other slower connections.

» 4. By this time it’s been a long while since Kingdom Hearts II and KH 358/2 Days were released, but for future releases please warn readers or viewers about major plot spoilers, and accurately label the content of any fanfiction or art.

» 5. Again, courtesy. As RikuRoku is a minority pairing, many of us are used to the classic “This is great but it’d be better if it was RikuSora/AkuRoku”. We don’t want any of that here, and we don’t want any other rude comments or character/pairing bashing. Let’s remain a positive community.
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AIM: pink concerto
email: angel49200@msn.com

AIM: chii is a pedo
Email: xxxx
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